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Current Governor's Details and Interests

Appointing Body
Date Appointed
Positions Held
Term of Office Ends
Declared Interests
Louise Wass (Chair) Foundation Governor Diocesen Board of Education  03/12/2019 FGB, D&E, C&D, R, Link Gov for Data Protection


Governor - St Albans Primary School 
Claire Swann (Vice Chair) LA Governor Local Authority 25/02/2020 FGB, C&D, R 24/02/2024 Chair of Governors - Oughtrington CP School
Stephen Whatmore Foundation Governor Parochial Parish Church 01/11/2014 FGB, C&D 01/11/2022

Chair of Governors - Bridgewater High School

Vice Chair of the Trust Board – TCAT

Katy Jones Parent Governor Parents 31/01/2020

FGB, R, A,

Link Gov for E-Safety

30/01/2024 None
Tracy Robinson Foundation Governor Parochial Parish Church 08/07/2015

FGB, C&D, R,

Link Gov for Health & Wellbeing

08/07/2023 None
Gemma Mousdale Staff Governor Staff 08/06/2020 FGB, C&D 07/06/2024 None 
Claire Rixham Foundation Governor Governing Body 15/09/2020 FGB, C&D, A 02/07/2023 Responsible for training and marketing at Beamont Collegiate Academy 
Shane Weston Parent Governor Parents 10/05/2019 FGB, R 07/05/2023 None
Wendy McKinnon Staff (Head Teacher) Ex-officio 17/11/2014 Head Teacher, FGB, C&D, R, A, D&E Indefinite  Governor - St Elphons Primary School
Rev. Oliver Kinchin CQP MCQI Foundation Governor Diocesen Board of Education  01/01/2021 FGB, R 31/12/2024

Vice Chair of Congregational Federation Training Board (also Tutor for this organisation)

Governor for Northern College (part of Luther King House, Manchester) on behalf of Congregational Federation

Jon Callister Foundation Governor Diocesan Board of Education  06/11/2020 FGB, R 30/09/2024 None


Governor Resignations



Appointing Body

 Date of Resignation 

Joanne Swanton Parent Governor School Parents

Resigned 31.05.2019

Sandra Pope Foundation Governor Diocesan Board of Education Resigned 31.07.2019
Rachel Brougham Chair of Governors Local Authority Governor Resigned 31.12.2019
Leanne Bearpark Parent Governor School Parents

Resigned 31.12.2019

Fr. Michael Raynor

Foundation Governor


Ex-officio Resigned 31.01.2020



A - Admissions Committee

C&D - Curriculum and Data Committee

D&E - Distinctiveness and Ethos Committee

R - Resources Committee

FGB - Full Governing Body


Governors have voting rights at Full Governing Body Meetings and committees in which they serve.

Associate Governors have voting rights in their committee meetings but cannot vote at FGB meetings.

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