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PSHE, Wellbeing and RSE

At St Andrew’s we believe that every child should have the right to develop a healthy self-esteem and a strong belief in themselves. Our PSHE, Wellbeing and RSE curriculum aims to equip all children with an understanding of themselves, their social groups, their health and their role as a citizen in the street, town and country that they live in. Our curriculum has been developed by closely weaving in our Christian values alongside the social and emotional aspects of learning. We believe that our personal, social and emotional wellbeing is the foundation of aspirational teaching and learning and achievement.  We will provide high quality teaching and learning by provide opportunities for the children to develop key social skills, an empathy for others, an awareness of their health, their rights and their responsibilities as citizens. Ultimately children will be empowered to develop their ‘voice’ in a wide range of social and emotional contexts.

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For an overview of our coverage please click on the links below:


Relationships and Health Education Grid

Church of England RSE School's Charter

Valuing All God's Children

Overview Grid

RHE and Heartsmart Overview



Cross Curricular Links

We ensure that our PSHE, Well Being and RSE teaching makes links and connections with other areas of the curriculum. This helps the children to remember new ideas and also to consider themes and concepts across a broader range of subjects.



Our Learning

Please click on the link below to see how our teaching and  learning in PSHE progresses as we go through school.

PSHE Progression Document

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