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At St. Andrew's we believe that quality music education, should not only engage and inspire all children to develop a love and enjoyment of music, but also increase their self-confidence and sense of achievement. As a universal language, music provides opportunities for self-expression, creativity, exploration and evaluation. Our music curriculum encompasses all of these; to develop an understanding of how music is created, produced and communicated. The children learn to sing and play musical instruments and they are provided with opportunities to develop and hone such skills through collaborative, cross curricular activities and performance experiences. Children listen to and review music across a range of historical periods and styles, including the works of great composers and musicians, developing an understanding of their own culture and that of others.


Cross Curricular Links

We ensure that our Music teaching makes links and connections with other areas of the curriculum. This helps the children to remember new ideas and also to consider themes and concepts across a broader range of subjects

Our Learning

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Progress in Music

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