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Modern Foreign Languages - French

Languages at St Andrew's

At St Andrew's, we teach the children French. Children begin to develop their learning as early as Reception and continue to extend their knowledge, skills and understanding of the language as they move through the school.

Each week, the children have a dedicated time with Mrs Wallbank, our specialist language teacher.

Active-learning activities are incorporated into lessons in order to provide more opportunities for engagement for all children. Children are asked to challenge themselves in written tasks by, for example, extending their answers by using conjunctions or relying on memory for spellings. 

The children's progress is assessed each term to ensure that they are making expected progress in French.


Cross Curricular Activities

We ensure that our French teaching makes links and connections with other areas of the curriculum wherever possible. This helps the children to remember new ideas and also to consider themes and concepts across a broader range of subjects.




Our Learning

French is taught by our specialist language teacher, Mrs Wallbank. We follow the Primary Languages Network scheme of work which can be viewed below. 

MFL Progression Document

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