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Physical Education

Physical Education at St Andrew’s is valued for its unique contribution to  developing children’s physical, social, interpersonal and emotional skills. It provides opportunities for children to be creative and competitive while learning to work with and respect others.

At St. Andrew’s children learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, often in pairs and small groups, helping them to develop the quality and effectiveness of their work.  The children develop confidence and competence in performing different skills and build resilience to overcome challenges as they arise. A positive attitude towards active lifestyles is promoted and we introduce children to lifelong physical activity through access to a wide range of sports including judo and yoga.

Cross curricular PE

We make links within lessons across the curriculum which reinforces learning and helps the children to remember new knowledge, skills and concepts.

Our Learning

We follow the Get Set 4 PE Scheme for the delivery of the P.E. curriculum. We also follow the 'Creative Steps' programme for the delivery of dance and utilist specialist providers for the delivery of bespoke lessons.


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